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Empowering innovators to reshape conservative industries

Customized business development and strategy services for startups and disruptors


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Holistic business approach
Tomer Jakov business development

Let's face it...

In today's economic reality, having a vision and a great idea aren't enough anymore.

This isn't 2021 anymore. 

The startups' landscape has changed. 

Investors aren't rushing to invest, and securing clients is harder than ever.

Acquiring customers in conservative industries becomes even more difficult than before.  

Having a great idea or a disruptive technology doesn't help when the runway ends. 

Studies show:

90% of startups fail
80% of innovation initiatives fail
3200 startups shut down in 2023 (Pitchbook)

Those grim numbers can be avoided
Startups failure

Let's change these stats together

My experience proved that only strategically addressing the following success pillars enables sustainable growth. 

  • Strategy

  • Networking

  • Collaborations

From strategically mapping and identifying opportunities to harnessing the power of networking to scale, I'm here to help you break the stats and to shine above the competition

startups growth
Business success

Strategic Business plans

Establishing solid and strategic foundations to your business\startup

Empowering Collaborations

Harnessing the power of collaborations to boost growth

Networking & Brand Awareness

Using networking to generate business opportunities and brand recognition

 "Growth is never by mere chance... ​ 

It is the result of forces working together" (JC Penny)

Business development


My name is Tomer 

My passion is to turn a vision into a reality.

My goal is to disrupt conservative industries

My mission is to ensure great ideas won't go to waste.

As an X-C Level Executive with 15 years of experience in large corporations,
I successfully propelled innovation and growth by setting up strategic plans, partnerships, and collaborations with startups

With an engineering background, I mastered how to translate technology into business

Now I want to do the same for you

That is what TJ Business Development is for. 

My services

Business Strategy

Business strategy
  • Value proposition 

  • Market research 

  • Competitors analysis

  • Messaging and differentiation 

  • Business model review 

  • Go-To-Market plan

  • Investors-Founder Fit 

  • Product Market Fit  

Business Development

  • Market Research

  • Scouting services

  • Partnerships \ Collaborations

  • Government tenders 

  • Expanding to new markets

Business development

Pitch Decks

Pitch deck
  • Pitch deck review 

  • Presentation structure and content

  • Value proposition 

  • Messaging & Storytelling

  • Presenting the team strength

  • Messaging through visuals

  • Making an impact

Innovation as a service

  • Infuse innovation mindset 

  • Create an innovation strategy for growth

  • Identify ineffective processes

  • Matching problems with the right solutions

  • Business build and scale up 

  • Collaborations with startups

Innovation as a service
How can I help?

Let's take the first step

The ecosystem offers various business services for early-stage startups:

From a long list of Acceleration programs to "Door Openers" that "spray and pray" your pitch deck for referral fees.

Still, the stats do not change.

Startups continue to fail.

I believe in a personal, tailor-made approach

Founders and I work together, as a team.
I bring experience and networking

You bring vision and technology

Together we drive results.

If you tried accelerators and grew tired of "Door Openers", let's talk! 

Tomer Jakov business development

Tomer is a gentleman's gentleman.
His purpose is to help people in pursuits that are common.
Never hesitant to put out a helping hand, a treasure chest of contacts and experience in his fields, and always a pleasure to banter with about the most pressing issues at hand.

His knowledge traverses many fields, sharing the latest innovations and thoughts in fields of mobility, smart cities and more.

Saas Perez – Co-Founder and CEO at, UberEnergies

 Shall we start working together?

I want to hear more

Tomer Jakov is among the few people who not only identify the potential and business opportunity but also turn the vision into an active action plan and reach the goal in the right way.
Tomer was able to identify the potential of the AnyMaint solution and tailor it to the company's needs. He led the process quickly and with great professionalism, connecting professional entities within the organization. We are now at an advanced stage of assessments for the pilot.


Victoria Axelrod – Co-Founder and CMO at AnyMaint

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